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2:54 / Foundations E / Discovering Your Novel

June 30, 2021

Surprise! Our writing this week is not creative but totally essential.

For the last two weeks we have had hard, difficult, painful, angst-ridden scenes. Let’s take a creative break to get some writing business out of the way.

For some people, knowing these elements lurk ahead slows the writing and even stops it. Others dash past and forget something essential. Still others just need a creative break (that’s me).

What am I nattering on about?

  • Research on the MS format for paperback and ebook. They’re not the same documents.
  • Easy ways to use our writing software
  • Front & Back Matter ~ for now and in the future
  • The Masterbook

We're building the Foundations to our manuscript, so nothing stops us when we finish but finishing.

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Thanks for listening!

Enjoy the Sunshine!

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