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3:16 / Repetition pt. 1 / Enhancements series

April 13, 2022

“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow / Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.”

Why are we quoting the famous Macbeth speech by Shakespeare? It has two separate types of repetition. The 1st type is simple repetition with two instances. The 2nd type is a repetition of opening sounds.

In this episode we’re also going to talk about a third clever type of repetition.

Three types of repetition. Did you know repeating words is a proliferate writing technique? Like Guppies, words clone each other. Join our presentation of three simple ways to capture reader interest and curiosity.

  • 1:32 Opening
  • 2:56 Repetition has impact
  • 3:12 repetition examples
  • 4:03 George Gordon, Lord Byron: “We’ll Go no more A-Roving”
  • 5:18 Incremental Repetition
  • 5:32 Examples, including the “Lord Randall” ballad and William Stafford’s “Fifteen”
  • 9:05 Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”
  • 14:01 polysyndeton and anaphora
  • 15:23 Alliteration
  • 16:38 French Rhyme vs. English Rhyme
  • 17:28 Old English poems
  • 18:40 alliteration examples
  • 20:45 Wilfred Owens’ “From my Diary, July 1914”
  • 22:00 Next Week
  • 22:10 Inspiration / R. Waldo Emerson

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Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now Lyrics |

Judy Collins sings BSN with Arthur Fiedler's Boston Pops as accompaniment

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