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3:26 / Interview with Kaye George, part 1 / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

June 22, 2022

Multi-published Kaye George is our 1st interview!

We had a grand conversation about how she develops her series, world building, writing short stories vs. writing novels, and work-for-hire, plus a lot more. And this is only the start of our interview.

Next week we’ll talk details about her writing process, productivity, and more and more.

Here it is, part 1 of our conversation with National Best-Selling writer of mysteries with a twist, Kaye George.


  • 1:14 Kaye George talks her books
  • 4:19 World-building with her People of the New Land series
  • 5:22 Imogene books set in Wichita Falls, TX
  • 6:18 creative sparks for stories: Imogene and Neanderthal series
  • 8:12 Imogene as a “heart”series and the reasons behind its development
  • 11:04 Cat cozies: the Fat Cat series, work-for-hire and how to structure such a series. (See also 17:00)
  • 12:38 Candy and cats: the vintage sweets series; what happens to authors and their books when publishers combine
  • 14:29 over 50 short stories, many in anthologies (see also 16:40)
  • 15:07 not self-published
  • 15:52 writing short stories vs. writing novels; organizing methods for novels; spreadsheets
  • 17:14 developing a brand
  • 17:47 Short stories allow experimentation
  • 18:11 work-for-hire logistics

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