The Write Focus

2:11 / Creativity: Wake Up! / Think like a Pro / ch. 6

March 10, 2021

Awaken your subconscious to improve creativity!

That’s today on The Write Focus. It’s chapter 6: One Slice of Advice from Think like a Pro: New Advent for Writers by M.A. Lee

Between Revision and the Final Edit, give a project a brief sleep to awaken the dreaming creativity.

  • Between Revision and the Final Edit, give a Project a brief sleep.
  • This will reawaken the creative muse for this particular project.
  • After the Sleep, Visit any new Ideas about the Project and Discover how to Work them in.

Additional Topics

  • Why to Awaken Creativity
  • How to Awaken Creativity
  • What to Do while Projects Sleep
  • 10 Creative Sparks
  • Repairs / ReStocking / Re-Considering (3 to Track)
  • Ending the Season of Sleep

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