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2:10 /Think like a Pro / 5C Writer’s Block part 3

March 3, 2021

How do we fight a monster that doesn’t exist? Writer’s Block doesn’t exist—at least, that’s our claim. Bring it up at your next writing meeting, though, and you’ll spark off a huge argument.

We’ve discovered that what we “call” Writer’s Block is actually Writer’s Refusal—which has simple solutions—and Writer’s Procrastination—with harder solutions to implement. Now we hit the true work-stoppage monster of Writer’s Inertia.

The Write Focus offers 4 Healthy Habits to stave off depressing doldrums and do-nothing lethargy. (Clinical depression is not doldrums and lethargy—seek help!)

Physical problems, however, don’t account for all of Inertia. That includes the slime of stagnation. How do we overcome this?

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