The Write Focus

2:51 / Foundations B / Discovering Your Novel

June 9, 2021

Picked your story? Picked your protagonist? And your antagonist? Picked your tagline or theme? It's time to write more as we are Discovering Your Novel.

This week's episode focuses on the Story Sketch, the basic outline or first vision of the story you want to write ~ and will be the first reader of!

We're firming up the details for our protagonists, antagonists, settings, and backgrounds ... all while we avoid Info Dump.

Then we cast our line into the future of our story by sketching the direction for our story to go. No, not west, but through the arc of the story.

Thanks for listening to The Write Focus' summer series on Writing Craft with Discovering Your Novel.

Show notes and links can be found at Write to us at

Next week, we start writing the novel. Well, we've been writing all along, but we're putting all our ideas into a roughly-shaped draft.

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