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2:52 / Foundations C / Discovering Your Novel

June 16, 2021

Summer Series on Writing Craft ::

Problem. Desire. Paradise. Hell. And a dark Abyss. What are these? Our first main scenes as we come to know the story we want to write ... and remember, we read as we write. 

We're in week 3, Stage C of the Foundations of our novel. Our focus is the first scenes of the Plot 7, out of order yet so important to our minds.

  • Beginning with its opening problem
  • Destruction of the Dearly Desired Goal
  • The glorious end that's the reward for our characters' surviving all the angst
  • Stressors for the Stress Point, physical & emotional & intellectual
  • The Nadir, the deepest and darkest point for our protagonist

We also have the 3 Rules for Writing, 3 Math Equations for Writers, and the skeletal notes for the work to come.

We're Discovering Our Novels all this summer.

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