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3:12 / Archetype and Allusion / Enhancements G

March 16, 2022

Last episode I had a major oopsie. Almost finished recording three tools (imagery / archetype / allusion) for our Enhancement Writer’s Toolbox, and I realized the recording had approached 40 minutes. Quelle surprise!

Now I stumble over words and pause and take long breaths, but I know—know—that I wouldn’t have enough errors to lose 20 minutes. I can accept reaching 25 minutes. We’ve had a ½ hour episode, part 1 of Symbols (the numbers). But multiple ½ hour and more episodes? No. NO. That defeats The Write Focus’s stated length: time for a quick commute, brisk walk, or fast meal-prep.

The plan to cover imagery, archetype, and allusion in one episode was because all three contain a wealth of information in one word or phrase (a Herculean task).

Therefore, rather than run 40 minutes, I broke that planned episode into two.

  • Imagery last week
  • Archetype and Allusion this week
  • Finishing the Interpretive Realm with Allegory next week


  • 1:45 Archetype
  • 4:26 Shapes and Colors and Situations
  • 5:38 Allusions
  • 9:00 In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  • 11:40 Classical Mythology common allusions
  • 12:09 Old and New Testament common allusions
  • 12:52 Bordon Deal’s “Antaeus”
  • 15:46 Next Week
  • 16:08Inspiration / Natalia Ginzberg

Emily Dickinson ~ both versions of “I Never Saw a Moor”

e.e. cummings ~ “i carry your heart”

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