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3:13 / Allegory part 1 / Enhancements H

March 23, 2022

Ever heard a story, and just know, know that something extra is also part of the story? Not hidden bits and pieces but a whole narrative?

A top story is running along, but another story runs underneath the surface, occasionally poking up the periscope for a look around before re-submerging so it can run silent, run deep? (Yep, that’s an allusion to the famous submarine movie.)

That submerged story, it’s an allegory, and the allegory occurs more often than we would imagine.

How do we craft our allegories? This episode can help.

  • 1:18 Allegory
  • 3:01 Parables as Allegories
  • 6:23 George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  • 7:21 Jack London’s Call of the Wild
  • 10:04 Next Week
  • 10:31 Inspiration / Francois Mauriac

For the five steps, please visit my YouTube channel. The five steps will be in this episode, about 3 minutes in.

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