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April 6, 2022

“Always in motion is the future.”

Do you recognize that quotation? You may be able to because the words are out of natural order.

It’s Yoda!

No, we’re not going to talk about Yoda and the Star Wars franchise or laser swords.

Our focus for this episode is Words Out of Natural Order. That happens more often than we writers realize.

Inversion, switching up the natural order of words, is more than Yoda and a Zen-like character device that became a gimmick.

It’s recognizable, though, isn’t it?

How can we use Inversion to create our own writing—without becoming a gimmick? This episode of The Write Focus can help.

  • 1:18 Inversion: Simple Device or Gimmick?
  • 1:53 William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”
  • 3:32 Subject Out of Position / 4 Subject Inversions
  • 9:22 Yoda Charm / Subtle Inversion (a/k/a Anastrophe)
  • 10:28 Emily Dickinson / Henley, again
  • 16:08 Closing / Next Week
  • 16:16 Inspiration / C. Day Lewis

For CHIASTIC STRUCTURE, which is too involved to hear (You have to SEE it), visit this link and look for the Chiastic Structure of the Iliad books.

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Our current focus is Enhancements.

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