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3:17 / Repetition pt. 2 / Enhancements series

April 20, 2022

Repetition. We focused on simple repetition in the previous episode, from the riding, riding, riding of “The Highwayman” up to the old inn door to the clever use of incremental repetition, with “I’ve looked at cloud … and love … and life” in Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”, and to alliteration of “streaming rain, blinding sleet, stoned by hail, freezes the frost and fall the snow” from an Old English poem.

This time we look at the intricate types of repetition, to and fro, fast and slow, front and back, complicated but powerful. It’s Repetition, part 2.

  • 0:58 Opening
  • 1:07 Antistrophe
  • 3:18 Epanalepsis
  • 4:30 Amplification
  • 5:23 Anadisplosis
  • 6:46 Polysyndeton
  • 7:53 Asyndeton
  • 9:51 Anaphora
  • 13:35 Epistrophe
  • 17:20 Nest Week
  • 17:30 Inspiration / John Hersey

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