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3:18 / Opposites part 1 / Enhancement series

April 27, 2022

Opposites / Dichotomies are the foundation for all ideas. The positive / negative synergy develops concepts for finance and commerce, business and manufacturing, science and tech, fiction and nonfiction, art static and art dramatic.

The world also has its triads and quarternaries ~ past / present / future and earth / air / water / fire.

We have many more dichotomies than triads and quarternaries and even symbiotic dualities (yin / yang). When the opposition is presented “for effect”, then we have an Enhancement.

  • 1:00 Opening = opposites / dichotomies / juxtaposition
  • 2:12 Antithesis = explanation and examples
  • 4:46 Robert Southey’s “Winter”
  • 6:10 Oxymoron = explanation and examples
  • 6:42 In Romeo and Juliet
  • 8:13 in Hamlet
  • 9:06 “Lesson of the Moth” by Don Marquis
  • 13:57 Starting in Mid-May
  • 14:12 Next Week
  • 14:40 Inspiration / Somerset Maugham

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