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3:19 / Opposites part 2 / Enhancements series

May 4, 2022

“I always lie.” There’s a conundrum for you. If we tell people that we’re lying—are we lying or telling the truth? Yes? No? Difficult to tell, isn’t it?

The opposites in this week’s episode offers 3 types that can quickly entangle us. If you’ve ever been mixed up about paradox, irony, or satire, this episode can help.

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  • 1:08 opening
  • 2:09 Paradox with explanation and examples
  • 5:31 paradox that fills “Counting Stars”
  • 10:13 Irony with explanation and examples
  • 12:13 Frost and Dickens
  • 14:19 3 Forms of Irony
  • 16:05 Cosmic Irony
  • 17:13 Satire with explanation and examples (including lampoon and farce)
  • 19:17 Geoffrey Chaucer and Jane Austen
  • 21:52 the American master Mark Twain with modern examples
  • 25:03 Next Week
  • 25:18 Inspiration / Roy Blount Jr.

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