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3:20 /Sequences / Enhancement series

May 11, 2022

We're going from A to Z this week, as we discuss Sequences, the last of the Enhancement series.

Climbing higher and higher = foothills, ridges, mountains.

Getting worse and worse = aged, ancient, decrepit.

Listen up to discover ways to sequence, progress / regress, ascend / descend, and create clever jumps in meaning.

  • 1:10 opening
  • 2:45 deliberate ordering: ranking, progressions, expansions 
  • 8:08 anticlimax
  • 9:25 auxesis
  • 12:14 zeugma
  • 15:06 parallelism 
  • 17:26 isocolon
  • 18:50 elliptical constructions
  • 22:06 closing / next week
  • 22:25 inspiration / Annie Dillard

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Our current focus is Enhancements.

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