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3:21 / Research / Mixed Miscellany A

May 18, 2022

MixMisc A / Research / 3:21 / E110

Research: a Ho-Hum topic? Not quite.

Research is necessary in all realms of writing.

Whether discovering the details that given veritas to our fiction, the details that we shouldn’t get wrong in commemorative poems, or just adding specific and elaborating details to our nonfiction, HUMDRUM RESEARCH is totally necessary.

The challenge comes in determining how many research details to use.

  • 1:11 Check-In
  • 2:50 Opening
  • 3:27 Challenges
  • 3:49 Fiction and Research
  • 4:31 Light Hand
  • 5:17 Active Use of Research
  • 5:52 Amount of Research to use
  • 7:26 Poetry and Research
  • 9:11 3 Chief Elements when presenting Occasional Poems
  • 9:16 4 Requirements of Song
  • 10:06 Public Ceremonies
  • 10:35 Writing for Independence Day
  • 12:50 Checklist for any poem / 10 To-Do’s
  • 13:46 Walt Whitman
  • 17:45 R. Waldo Emerson
  • 20:40 Nonfiction and Research
  • 21:40 Next Week
  • 21:54 Inspiration / Ezra Pound

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