The Write Focus

3:24 / Short Narratives, part 3 / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

June 8, 2022

Major plot points in short narratives keep the story moving—whether a short story, a narrative poem, or an anecdote to personalize a blog post.

Explosive excitement, an angsty soul-changing crisis, a boxed-in corner that forces an intellectual revelation—these are perfect for the major story parts or movements, the opening and closing of each 1,500-word scene or a poem’s stanza or an article’s anecdotal paragraph.

What do we write in the middle of those parts? This episode can help.


  • 1:22 Opening with 3 Requirements of a Short Narrative
  • 2:05 Realm of Long Narratives vs. Realm of Short Narratives
  • 4:11 Focus on the Middle of each Part / Movement
  • 4:31 1st Story Part or Movement (A & B)
  • 6:25 Ways to Hide Clues
  • 7:59 Carly Simon’s “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”, 1st stanza and chorus
  • 10:25 2nd Story Part & Simon’s 2nd stanza
  • 12:28 3rd Story Part
  • 12:52 4th Story Part
  • 13:29 Simon’s 3rd stanza and final chorus
  • 15:12 Closing / Next Week
  • 15:46 Inspiration / Somerset Maugham


“That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be” video



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