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3:25 / Short Narratives, part 4 / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

June 15, 2022

Building Blocks for Short Narratives

Do we ever start writing blind to story? Not blind as in sightless, but blind in having no idea where we are going with a story? I say no. Many writers agree with me. Even if we have only the faintest glimmer of an idea, we have something to guide us.

The best short narratives engage and surprise us. Lester Dent knows how to keep each story separate rather than a dull repetition. He decides main points before he begins; these are his building blocks. We should, too. This episode can help.


  • 1: 20 Opening
  • 2:09 Formulas with Pantsters, Plotters, and Puzzlers
  • 5:08 Dent’s Building Blocks for all Stories
  • 9:15 Dent’s Checklists for Each Story Part
  • 11:19 Story-Song “Puff, the Magic Dragon”
  • 14:38 Closing / Next Week
  • 14:57 Inspiration / Sinclair Lewis

LINKS to "Puff"

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