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3:27 / Interview with Kaye George, part 2 / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

June 29, 2022

This week we return to the wonderful Kaye George and her writing guidance.

She spills the beans on her writing journey, her process to start a mystery, her methods and tools, and productivity along with two keys that unlock success. She also provides our inspiration!

Enjoy part 2 of multi-published Kaye George, this week on the Write Focus.


  • 1:05 how to find her books; also, out-of-print books
  • 2:40 updating her out-of-print books
  • 3:45 how Kaye started writing
  • 4:55 Kaye’s process to start a mystery
  • 7:15 Five points to help plan clues, red herrings, suspects, etc.
  • 8:35 What “National Best-Selling” means
  • 10:00 the shrinking book markets and other worries
  • 11:35 Helps to stay motivated and persistent
  • 13:53 Kaye’s writing journey
  • 14:50 Advice to New Writers and our Inspiration!

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Our current focus is A Mixed Miscellany: Fiction / Poetry / Nonfiction / Interviews with Writers.

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