The Write Focus

3:28 / Interview with Elle Andrews Patt / part 1 / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

July 6, 2022

Elle Andrews Patt offers her perspective on writing, from the start of her publishing journey to writing series and spin-offs, all in this episode of The Write Focus.

Next week, she will share her views on plotter vs. pantster, the synopsis, Clickmagick and much much more. Join us.


  • 1:11 Opening
  • 2:02 Elle Andrews Patt’s published writings
  • 4:00 Her writing / publishing journey
  • 5:00 Practice using Fan Fiction
  • 7:50 Short Story vs. Novel
  • 11:00 Stand-alones vs. Series (writing a series, cliffhangers: the ugly, the bad, and the good
  • 15:35 Interconnected characters and spin-offs


How To Grow A Novel:

Reading Like A Writer:

Characters and Viewpoint: 


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