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3:30 / Interview with Elaine Isaak (E.C. Ambrose) / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

July 20, 2022

Genghis Khan. Medieval surgeries. The Bone Guard.

These intriguing story lines are the invention of Elaine Isaak, writing as E.C. Ambrose. In this excellent interview, Elaine shares her writing processes and several surprising methods in this episode of The Write Focus.


  • 1:30 Opening
  • 2:15 Focus on The Mongol’s Coffin
  • 3:20 The allure of the High Middle Ages
  • 4:10 Cross-cultural exchange and innovation
  • 6:46 Medieval surgery, her first series, and the vision of a series protagonist Elisha Barber: “My god, I’ve killed them all.”
  • 8:50 Publication Journey
  • 9:34 Relinquishing control, traditional publishing, indie publishing
  • 11:40 writing contest games
  • 12:40 Elaine’s writing process
  •             14:40 Outlining
  •             15:55 Story Spine
  •             16:34 Draft is done. What next?
  • 19:12 Challenge of writing different series
  • 24:41 Best writing tool
  • 26:10 Research while writing
  • 28:37 Maintaining Productivity
  •             30:00 Family matters.
  • 32:00 Best writing craft to practice
  • 34:35 Benefit of local writing chapters. 

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