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3:32 / Interview with Melissa Bourbon / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

August 3, 2022

A fantastical thread through every mystery with serendipitous finds from daily life inspires the best-selling author Melissa Bourbon. Also writing as Winnie Archer, she has several series, including the Book Magic series, Magical Dressmaking series, and the Bread Shop series.

Paying it forward, Melissa also has the Writer Spark Academy, with a blog and resources on a website and several courses on Teachable, the best place for self-paced and recursive learning online.

Her advice and inspiration is “Write the best book you want to read.”


  • 0:03 Opening, with intros to her three main series
  • 8:10 Starting a novel, with the focus on her Bibliomancy series
  • 9:35 (Branding) the magical thread in all of her series
  • 10:30 Melissa’s publishing journey
  • 15:45 Idea to Publication: Melissa’s writing process
  • 19:15 A Hybrid of pantster and plotter
  • 19:48 Maintaining Productivity
  • 20:30 the Writer Spark Academy
  • 21:45 Melissa’s daily schedule
  • 22:40 more on the Writer Spark Academy: website and Teachable courses
  • 25:50 WSA example: Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery
  • 27:24 importance of recursive learning and Teachable’s model
  • 29:00 workbooks for the WSA courses
  • 32:38 Craft Chats on YouTube
  • 33:50 Best Tool for Writing; writing out of order
  • 36:30 Motivation to keep writing through the hard parts
  • 39:54 Switching among different series
  • 41:20 Brain FM for focusing and study music on Spotify
  • 43:40 Closing




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