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3:39 / Terri Karsten ~ Writing What She Wants / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

September 21, 2022

Terri Karsten is writing what she wants. Multiple genres, children’s books to historical mysteries for adults, whatever piques her interest … and she is loving what she’s doing.

And isn’t that the important thing?


  • 0:03 Opening
  • 0:46 Finn McCool, a legend of Ireland for Middle Grades
  • 2:10 Eclectic in writing and reading, writing in multiple genres
  • 4:28 Hybrid publishing: indie for books, traditional for shorter works; the journey along the way
  • 7:00 Marketing and agents, self-publishing and an award
  • 12:39 Cover designs
  • 14:01 Hiring an illustrator for picture books; exploring on Deviant Art for covers
  • 16:30 Planning the cover designs for a series: for a Philadelphia tavern in the 1760s and for the world-spanning legends for older kids
  • 18:42 Productivity for writing and projects and schedules
  • 22:16 Living the writing dream; sparking creativity
  • 24:30 Tools for writing (one of them isn’t grammar!); “We are human and not perfect.”
  • 29:46 Hard part about writing
  • 30:35 Not writing to market
  • 32:36 Writing fantasy; mystery in fantasy (her Roscoe Gordon stories)
  • 35:25 Terri’s advice for newbies and veterans seeking to improve
  • 38:45 Closing


Terri’s website

Her blog:

Her publishing company website


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