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3:40 / Interview with Marilyn Levinson / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

September 28, 2022

25+ books and counting, Marilyn Levinson is still penning mysteries. With a series recently completing and a new series to start, she is eager to explore new ideas, settings, and situations.


  • 00:15 Opening with Marilyn’s writing journey
  • 1:23 the Haunted Library series under her Alison Brook pen name. Newest release Dewey Decimated
  • 3:45 Completing the story arc for that series and the beginnings of that series
  • 7:00 Setting and Situation for the Haunted Library series
  • 9:58 a Series should have novels that feel like a stand-alone so readers can enter at any time.
  • 10:25 the Growth of repeating characters in the Haunted Library (avoiding stagnant characters)
  • 11:54 Developing the next series, main characters, setting, research, working on the puzzle of the mystery
  • 19:45 Adding a cat or a dog to the series, Smoky Joe the library cat of the Haunted Library series
  • 22:15 the Title conundrum
  • 23:47 Working from Idea to Novel, bringing in the murder
  • 25:00 Plotter vs. Pantster, trusting your mind to work it out
  • 27:35 After the Draft
  • 30:30 Maintaining Productivity, motivation with friends Kaye George and Peg London
  • 35:20 Do writers have a natural inclination to write short stories or novels?
  • 36:50 Closing


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Amazon page:



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