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3:42 / Lynn Cahoon Interview / Mixed Miscellany Summer Series

October 12, 2022

Writer, Interrupted Yet Resumed!

Lynn Cahoon ventured away from writing because of life disruptions only to return years later. Starting with essays then short stories, she eventually wrote her first novels … and woke up to her name on the NY Times best-seller list for ebooks. Currently juggling five series along with a major move, Lynn shares her writing journey and guidance.

Her newest release, only a few weeks ago, is A Vacation to Die For, #14 in the Tourist Trap series, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.

(It's the last interview of 2022!)


  • 00:30 Welcome
  • 00:44 Lynn’s journey, from essays to short stories to novels and to best-seller status
  • 4:10 the current five series: Tourist Trap series has 15 books / Cat Latimer series / Farm to Fork series / Kitchen Witch series / Survivors Book Club series
  • 6:56 series set in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho
  • 8:00 Life rolls disrupt writing.
  • 9:43 Developing new series~ driving opens up creativity, falling in love with locales
  • 15:00 More personal circumstances that inform writing in unexpected aways
  • 16:45 Lynn’s writing process for ideas ~ “Writers are magpies.”
  • 18:00 Using structure to set events, the entry of the dead body, developing relationships before the murder
  • 21:40 Niches help.
  • 26:00 Maintaining productivity ~ using word counts
  • 28:00 Bob Mayer: writer and productivity adviser, “The Warrior Writer”
  • 30:00 Overcoming writing trials, hitting the genre markers
  • 32:00 Genre-hopping and its problems, finding a niche
  • 35:00 Best tool for writing
  • 38:08 Best advice for the New Writers
  • 39:30 Closing



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