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3:45 / 3 P’s & Project Progress / Enter the Writing Business

November 2, 2022

We’ve reached the month-long Fall Writing Challenge. Many are participating in the November global writing challenge. Whether we take on the challenge or not, we can use November to consider our writing life: past, present and future. Before we know it, the New Year will be upon us (because December is jam-packed with distractions and disruptions).

In today’s episode, writers need to analyze the whys and hows of the kind of writer that they think they are—then break that mold. None of us fit into neat little boxes. We can use those boxing-in methods, though, adapting them for our own use. A great danger for a writer is busy-ness without progress. Let’s avoid that pitfall.

Timings / Contents

  • 00:41 :: Opening / Going Off-Track
  • 1:07 :: 2 P’s that are Writers
  • 3:47 :: Enter the Puzzler
  • 5:10 :: Drafting Story: Chrono/Linear vs. Global/Scattered
  • 7:56 :: Ticky Boxes / Over-Planning is Problematic
  • 12:59 :: Routine Shake-up and Abandonment
  • 14:07 :: Pre-Set Foundations
  • 14:33 :: Climbing out of the Box
  • 16:21 :: Word Counts and Progress Meters
  • 18:36 :: Don’t Hate Numbers and Lists
  • 19:15 :: Accomplishments List
  • 20:25 :: Distractions vs. Opportunities
  • 23:20 :: Closing

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Our current focus is Enter the Writing Business. We’re bookcasting!

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