The Write Focus

3:47 / Soul-Suckers / Enter the Writing Business

November 16, 2022

Long before the dreamed reality of writing will support us, we have to have those humdrum, mundane jobs that try to kill our writing spirits.

Fair Warning: Along with jobs, people will try to kill our writing spirits.

How do we handle these two-sided slaps to our dreams?


  • 00:44 Intro
  • 2:03 Jobs that pay the bills
  • 5:45 When Day Jobs suck away our creative energies
  • 9:50 Soul-Sucking People
  • 10:17 Toxic Writers to Avoid
  • 13:22 Shysters who Prey on Writers
  • 15:23 Remember WIBBOW
  • 19:10 Mine the Real World
  • 21:00 Soft Skills for Writers
  • 22:16 Hard Skills for Writers
  • 25:40 Recommended Masters of Writing
  • 27:00 Closing

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Our current focus is Enter the Writing Business. We’re bookcasting!

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