The Write Focus

3:48 / Practicalities / Enter the Writing Business

November 23, 2022

Herewith, the most boring yet essential of all the writing business information: Practicalities

MS Preparation and the Nuts & Bolts of the everyday Writing Life.


  • 0:40 Intro / 7 Common Manuscript Elements
  • 2:16 Boilerplates
  • 3:27 Disclaimers
  • 4:30 Front Titles List
  • 6:10 Acknowledgements and Reader Notes
  • 7:40 Table of Contents
  • 8:22 Chapter Headings & Page Breaks
  • 10:55 A Book of the Book
  • 12:50 Word Processing Basics
  • 15:07 Fonts and Special Images
  • 18:11 Page Breaks and Text Flow
  • 20:34 Oxford Commas?
  • 21:06 Spacing?
  • 21:40 Print-Outs
  • 23:17 Stats and Percentages?
  • 26:54 Save the Eyes
  • 27:48 Closing

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Our current focus is Enter the Writing Business. We’re bookcasting!

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